Howdy! I’m Shae

I’m the owner of Polly Fitness. Polly Fitness is a woman owned fitness company with a passion for fitness, and supporting women through all stages of their fitness journey. I’m so happy to have you here.

I’m a recent graduate of Catawba College with a Master’s in Clinical Counseling.

My Favorite Quote!

“Every storm runs out of rain.”

Maya Angelou


I love traveling. If you’re looking for information on visiting Europe, please check out


I feel that more priority should be given towards mental health. As a society, we often neglect our most valuable resource – ourselves. Self-care should be prioritized.


Animals make every day so much better. I love my rescue cheagle Skye.

how I got Here

Why I Love What I Do

After going through a health scare, I decided to focus more on improving my health and way of life. Through my research, I learned more about nutrition. You are what you eat isn’t just a clichΓ© quote. Every decision we make in the kitchen has a direct connection to our health. There are so many little things we can do to minimize health risks, however genetics are genetics. We’re not at the stage where genetic risks can be 100% eliminated, but this still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to take good care of ourselves.

Due to poor diet, lifestyle and so on I managed to develop type 2 diabetes. Through weight loss, eating properly and a conscious effort to improve my health I’ve been able to lower my A1C to a normal level. That’s right, ya girl defeated the beetus. I hope at least. But more importantly: Why I love what I do is being able to connect with more women and creating a safe place online for us. This is a judgment free zone. Some of us are just starting our fitness journey. There is much we can learn from each other. I hope that the articles here are helpful.

Favorite TV Show


Favorite Drink

Blueberry Tea

Favorite Food

Chana Masala

Favorite Animal


Favorite Book

Things Fall Apart

Favorite Hobby

Gaming (PCMR)

You, My Friend

have come to the right place

If you are looking for fitness apparel, we have a wide variety of different products on this site. We also have branded Polly Fitness gear as well. In addition to this, we have blog articles discussing beauty, health, fashion and travel.

Thank you for making us part of your fitness journey.